Current Projects

Manmade Gods

In a campaign for superhuman rights, human psychologist Esselle Wells and bioengineered super soldier Leonidas Ashford must start a celebrity fake romance amidst dark pasts, subterfuge, and a looming terrorist threat.

MANMADE GODS explores human nature and navigating the salience of trauma—both individual and societal—set in a future world that is rebuilding from a recent global war.

(Fun fact: The basis of the story—a romance between a superhuman soldier and a human—stems from a dream I had when I was 12 years old, after which point I worked on the first version from then into college. The current version has evolved from there.)

Til Death Do Us Start

TIL DEATH DO US START is a queer paranormal retelling of Romeo and Juliet where Juniper Crane must journey into the Spirit Realm to convince the Spirits of Life and Death to bring her lover, Rowena Morgan, back to life. 

The novel features bi and black representation, a plus-size heroine, sapphic love, and witches.